Want to Build Your Own Online Store? See these Software Choices

Want to Build Your Own Online Store? See these Software Choices!

You want to set up an online e-commerce store for your business but are simply overwhelmed at the choices laid out there before you. Hosted or self-hosted? Expensive all-in-one solution or piece it together?

Don’t despair, you’re hardly alone. Most aspiring merchants have to deal with this challenge at one point or another, and what we want to do in this piece is to give you a few choices we’ve found that merit a good look.

Once you’ve determined what’s important for you as a business owner, and then compared those goals with the fit these platforms afford, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision you can. For simplicity’s sake we’re only going to look today at hosted e-commerce software solutions. Self-hosted solutions require a level of expertise rarely found in many startups.

5 Great choices for E-commerce software

Shopify – Shopify is widely known as the being dog in this space, and it’s definitely an earned reputation. Possessing all the tools necessary for you to make an attractive and easy to use platform, they also have a lot of awesome themes to give your store the perfect look. Not the most affordable, but clearly the best. So far they have more than 160,000 stores online.

BigCommerce – Another in the drag and drop variety, BigCommerce is a lot like Shopify, but in my opinion a little more complicated to use. Still they have their adherents, as 90,000 stores will attest to!

Wix E-Commerce – If you’re looking for a drop dead easy solution at a lower price, you can’t go wrong with Wix. You can have your store up in literally a few hours with a fully-integrated shopping cart included. Super easy to use!

Weebly E-Commerce – Another of the easy solutions, Weebly has a whopping 440,000 stores online. This is due to their extreme low cost and ease of use. A good tool for beginners!

SquareSpace – A low-cost offering more in the line of Shopify and BigCommerce, they can’t offer as refined a platform as those options, but you can have a great-looking store at a far lower price with Squarespace. And when you’re starting out, that’s not a bad idea!

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