Facebook Advertising Infographic – Why Your Business Needs It

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Facebook Advertising Infographic – Why Your Business Needs It Facebook PPC marketing is key for any business looking to build their online presence and target their advertising to a massive audience.   Thompson Digital – Facebook PPC Marketing – Are you too busy running your business to market it? We can help… www.ThompsonDigital.co – We’ll […]

Key Elements of Conversion Optimization

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Want More Sales? Use Conversion Optimization Although you may hear the roar of marketers bemoaning a lack of traffic to their pages as the bane of their existence, it’s a fair bet that they haven’t used conversion optimization to achieve the most from what they already are getting. Conversion optimization is merely the practice of […]

Have a Business Idea? Don’t Start it Until You Have Answered These 12 Critical Questions!


This is an article Mike Cooch wrote for Entrepreneur.com. I’m just like most other entrepreneurs I know – I have at least three new business ideas before I get out of bed in the morning. And the ideas just keep coming throughout the day. Thankfully, after years of trial and error as an entrepreneur, I’ve […]