Helpful Tips for Increasing Engagement on your Facebook Business Page

Helpful Tips for Increasing Engagement on your Facebook Business Page

These days it’s not enough just to have a Facebook business page: you need a vibrant, memorable, oft-shared destination where you engage customers, fans and friends alike. So how in the name of Zuckerberg are you supposed to get this done? Doesn’t your business already suck every free minute of time from your life as it is?

Fortunately there are a few easy ways to set yourself up for encouraging more engagement on your page, and they aren’t all that difficult to implement. Let’s look into a few of these.

5 Simple tips to make your Facebook page more engaging

Choose imagery wisely – The visuals you use on your posts and ads make a big difference. Be sure they are all original and also something you would share yourself.

Use call to actions in your cover photo – A recently available addition to your arsenal is the capability to add one of 7 different calls to action into your cover image. Many times this can be useful to encourage actions and engagement.

Optimize your page descriptions and About sections – This is your chance to tell the world about yourself and your company. Don’t waste it! Be sure to include links to your other web properties, along with giving a clear picture of who you are and what you’re about.

Publish often – If you don’t care enough to come around often, neither will other people. Make sure you are publishing often and cross promoting with other social channels. Consider using paid ads on posts that get interest; as this can grow your fans exponentially.

Engage with the people – Nothing says you care like talking directly to the people who comment, question or otherwise connect with you. Your behavior here will determine the success of your social media initiative. Directly asking for comments, shares or other actions have a long track record of success.

Doing these simple tasks can pave the way for an engaging page that will keep visitors returning repeatedly to see what else you have to share.


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